Content Manager

Pune, Maharashtra, India | Marketing | Full-time


Brief -

  • Manages all content creation, revision, and retention across multiple platforms including but not limited to website, blog, social media, Events, PR & Media, Prints & distributables, etc.
  • Works with the marketing team to identify topics needing updating and revisions, as well as formulates a workable content roadmap with defined projected growth.
  • Edits proofreads and revises content.
  • Identify & plan content creation & distribution strategies
  • Helps build a team of writers and other creative & technical contributors, and manages assignments, tasks, performance reviews, etc.
  • Work closely with the SEO team to execute enhancements, optimizations, & set up intra-team & intra-team processes for content creation & optimization
  • Brainstorm with management & leadership teams to develop new ideas for content creation, distribution & evolution.
  • Provides editorial support where needed.
  • Maintain a content marketing calendar that includes & schedules all aspects of the creation and delivery of content throughout the year


Details - 

Research: The Content Manager plays an active role in research, and in this capacity, he/she formulates & maintains analytics, questionnaires and surveys, gathers information from industry figures, Product & SEO experts to determine the validity of suggested topics and themes for the business’s content.
The content manager also conducts research on the competitive environment and gathers market data for CrelioHealth and uses the results to come up with well-informed topics and themes for content creation.

Strategy and Analytics: The Content Manager also develops and oversees an integrated content strategy that encompasses channel selection and focus/weightage and metrics to be applied and aligned with CrelioHealth’s overall objectives The Content manager enables structured content creation capabilities through the implementation of models and processes for sourcing information, analyzing, and creating content.


Leadership: In this role, the Content Manager ensures that all the business’s narratives and messages are aligned with the content strategies and editorial decisions that he/she formulates along with the Marketing manager. He/She also oversees the development and management of the business’s brand standards/guidelines and content style guides, as well as the overall expression of the business’s corporate identity in the content it puts out across all channels.

Media/Social Media: The Content manager oversees all the content put out by the business to the external communication through, direct mail, nurturing emails, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters and so forth.


The Content manager also manages and oversees all of the business’s social media channels in regard to content, promotion, engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings. He/She also expands and oversees the social media development tools and processes in order to ensure actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making for the business’s social media presence and content.

Team-wide Collaboration: The Content Manager also plays a collaborative role by partnering up with different sub-teams from and outside of the marketing team to support marketing activities such as product branding, content, messages, brand communication, etc. The Content manager will also collaborate with the sales team for the purpose of further developing sales content and the identification of target consumers and potential markets.


Job Requirement

  • At least 4 years of experience working as a content manager
  • Experience in managing a team for over 2 years
  • Passionate about writing & publishing great content (particularly, technical writing expertise)
  • Experience using popular content management systems and analytics tools (SemRush, WordPress, Google Search Console, Gsuite, etc.)
  • Create and manage a content plan on a Quarterly basis with an Annual perspective. 
  • Has a decent understanding of SEO basics and can optimize content for search.


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